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The Patents Bill: Please leave it alone until the super ministry is sorted - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 16, 2012

Guest blog by Doug Calhoun The new Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, which will combine Economic Development, Science and Innovation, Labour, and Building and Housing, attracted the usual headlines about job losses and efficiency dividends: (see here). But beyond … Continue reading → … Read More

Mass customisation really does mean it is all about you - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 15, 2012

It’s difficult to predict where the confluence of trends like 3-D printing, mass customisation and the social web will end up. But, just as the publishing and music industries got democratised (or destroyed, depending on your point of view) by … Continue reading → … Read More

Kiwi conference to get to the core of computing opportunity - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 08, 2012

Lurking below the IT headline generating buzz of Apps and social media and smart phones is a core change racing in parallel with its sometimes perceived more glamorous cousins. The very way computers and computing itself, works, has changed. The … Continue reading → … Read More

Science embraced: patent policy merits a brief mention - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 07, 2012

Another guest blog by IP mentor, Doug Calhoun The McGuinness Institute is to be congratulated on its exhaustive analysis of science in New Zealand, “Report 9: Science Embraced: Government-funded Science Under the Microscope”: The report will no doubt generate considerable … Continue reading → … Read More

The Vikings changed culture as well as institutions - Stick

Peter Kerr Feb 23, 2012

Help…. the Viking’s coming; at least Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann was at the Ministry of Science & Innovation. The Danish Technical Institute’s head of its Centre for Technology Partnership, and is out to give some of the good oil on how … Continue reading → … Read More

Minister Joyce has the opportunity to redefine ‘failure’ - Stick

Peter Kerr Feb 09, 2012

Apparently, new super minister Steven Joyce (Minister of Science & Innovation, Economic Development and Tertiary Education, Skills & Employment), likes to dive deep into details of a new role or portfolio, before surfacing with a strategic direction. So, as he … Continue reading → … Read More

Kiwis have to learn to identify and kill bad ideas — Dorenda Britten - Stick

Peter Kerr Jan 24, 2012

An unwillingness to rigorously evaluate and kill weak ideas is but one indication that many New Zealand companies don’t fully understand the role of design in taking products and services to market. The managing director of designindustry Ltd, Dorenda Britten, … Continue reading → … Read More

Innovation’s not easy…and there’s other ways to get value from it - Stick

Peter Kerr Jan 19, 2012

According to a couple of intellectual property commercialisation experts doing a mini road trip late last year; a) we’re doing it completely wrong, and b) realise that patents can be sold and/or licensed. Paul Adams of Auckland-based EverEdge IP says … Continue reading → … Read More

Gluckman tells Auckland to get cracking - Stick

Peter Kerr Jan 17, 2012

In giving a push/shove as Auckland as an innovation or knowledge city, chief science advisor Sir Peter Gluckman reckons the country could expect area like industrial design and digital and media research to have a high presence. In his ‘Auckland … Continue reading → … Read More