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iPads for the disabled - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 19, 2010

The touch interface of the iPad opens opportunities for affordable assistive devices for some disabled people. In a funny way it’s appropriate following my recent posting of a video of a cat interacting with their owner’s iPad. If a cat can interact with the device, so could some disabled children. In the video below, a … Read More

The inheritance of face recognition (should you blame your parents if you can't recognise faces?) - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 03, 2010

You’d think that recognising faces is one of those things that we all do well, or at least the vast majority of us do, yet in practice our ability to do this varies. Recent twin studies present evidence that face recognition is heritable and is a distinct cognitive task in it’s own … Read More

Rubella, not a benign disease if experienced during early pregnancy - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 10, 2010

The MMR vaccine is targeted at measles, mumps and rubella. The latter, rubella, is a cause of abortions and developmental defects in children of mothers who are infected with the virus during the first twenty weeks of pregnancy. [caption id="attachment_1341" align="alignright" width="300"] Cataracts in a CRS infant (Source: wikipedia.)[/caption] It is sometimes useful to look at … Read More

Paid Parenthood - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Jan 11, 2010

I saw this headline on Stuff and thought “about time”. Parents win disabled children care payment case Sadly, it turns out only that parents with adult disabled children have won the support of the Human Rights Tribunal, not the government itself. Currently only caregivers who are not related to the disabled adult receive payment from the government. Family [...] Related … Read More

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