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Who’s afraid of the non-native accent? Everyone … unless you tell them about it - Lippy Linguist

Andreea Calude Jan 07, 2020

As someone who learnt English late-ish in life, I was always on the look-out for signs which betray my foreignness, afraid that my clumsy mispronunciation or syntactic misalignment will give away my outsider status. And for once, sadly, my worries were well-founded it seems. It’s bad, prejudice is rife! In a study published last year, Roessel and her colleagues … Read More

Call for independent watchdog to monitor NZ government use of artificial intelligence - Guest Work

Guest Author May 27, 2019

John Zerilli, University of Otago and Colin Gavaghan, University of Otago New Zealand is a leader in government use of artificial intelligence (AI). It is part of a global network of countries that use predictive algorithms in government decision making, for anything from the optimal scheduling of public hospital beds to whether an offender should … Read More

‘Anumeric’ people: What happens when a language has no words for numbers? - Guest Work

Guest Author Feb 06, 2018

Caleb Everett, University of Miami This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Numbers do not exist in all cultures. There are numberless hunter-gatherers embedded deep in Amazonia, living along branches of the world’s largest river tree. Instead of using words for precise quantities, these people rely exclusively on terms analogous … Read More

Costly Discrimination - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Jan 15, 2018

Danish kids are happy to pay to avoid having to work with someone of a different ethnicity. In this clever field experiment, Danish kids with traditionally Danish-sounding names were willing to forego expected earnings in order to avoid being paired with someone with a Muslim-sounding name – and vice-versa. It’s a great experimental design. Kids do a first round … Read More

Academic discrimination audits - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton May 06, 2014

Profs in fields where the opportunity cost of time are more valuable use tighter filters in deciding whether to reply to an email; that filter may have discriminatory effect.Milkman et al run a field experiment sending academics in a pile of fields the following email:Dear Professor [Surname of Professor Inserted Here],I am writing you because I am a prospective … Read More

Gender quotas - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Apr 18, 2014

Annick Masselot of Canterbury's Management department wants gender quotas on boards of companies listed on the NZX.UC associate professor Annick Masselot said the NZX should go further with the introduction of quotas."In fact I think they have a duty to do that . . . Diversity is not an option."She said NZX's diversity rules should at least match rules … Read More

Nominalism - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Apr 16, 2014

An Eleanor by any other name might be as smart, but would have worse odds of winding up at Oxford. A snippet from Greg Clark's work on names and surnames:*It isn't that the name itself is particularly powerful, or destructive; rather, the sorts of people who wind up naming their daughters Eleanor are very different, on average, from … Read More

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