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Is there a penis on your CV? - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Oct 05, 2012

By SM Morgan It’s always tricky raising a polarising issue, and occasionally especially so in an on-line forum with the potential for excessive trolling, but I (and evidently a lot of others worldwide) think it is definitely something on which needs to have an open discourse established, and I would hate for our wee country to miss out on the opportunity for … Read More

New study shows discrimination against obese people - Food Stuff

Amanda Johnson May 09, 2012

A new study published this month in the International Journal of Obesity by an international collaboration of researchers from New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Hawaii, has shown that discrimination against obese people is occurring in the work place. Researchers used a newly-developed measure of anti-fat prejudice, the universal measure of bias (UMB), to predict workplace discrimination against … Read More

The Differences between Men and Women - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Apr 24, 2011

It’s often considered dangerous to discuss perceived differences between men and women. Indeed, commenting on the different abilities of men and women in any area (maths, multi-tasking, science etc) can lead to rather vigorous discussions not only about whether any such differences truly exist but also about whether such differences are innate (due to nature) or due to socialisation (i.e. nurture).  Entering this emotive and politically fraught … Read More

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