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Tigers- It’s not getting any easier - Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Brendan Moyle Nov 04, 2010

While I’ve focused a lot on the poaching risks to tigers, the fact is that their small populations make them vulnerable to other risks as well. For instance, one of the tiger reserves I visited in the Hun Chun area of Jilin, had a grand population of two Siberian tigers. This was brought home recently when a wild Siberian tiger … Read More

Exploring the Exposome - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 23, 2010

By Dr Michael Edmonds The sequencing of the human genome has provided scientists with a great deal of information  about the 20,000 to 25,000 genes coded by our DNA and is leading to a better understanding of hereditary based diseases. However, a complementary concept, the exposome, has been proposed to bring a greater understanding of the … Read More