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Diversity dividends? Maybe not - The Dismal Science

Michael Reddell Apr 30, 2016

The belief that “diversity is good”, and probably “and more diversity is better” pervades our public debate.  Sometimes people just mean intellectual diversity, sometimes diversity of managerial style, sometime gender diversity, sometimes ethnic diversity, sometimes diversity of nationalities.  But too often is all lumped together in some amorphous mass.  Who, after all, would argue that diversity might not always be … Read More

Fluoride debate: Response to Daniel Ryan’s critique – Rita Bartlett-Rose - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Oct 15, 2014

Rita Barnett-Rose, author of “Compulsory water fluoridation: Justifiable public health benefit or human experimental research without informed consent” has replied to Daniel Ryan’s critique of her paper. Daniel’s critique was posted yesterday at Fluoride debate: A response to Rita Barnett-Rose – Daniel Ryan. … Continue reading → … Read More