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Stuff stuff up (another bloody ice age) - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden May 10, 2012

There’s a major fail today for the new science section of the Stuff.co.nz news web site — the web portal for Fairfax NZ, home to The Press (Christchurch) and the Dominion Post (Wellington) newspaper web presences. A front page teaser — “Could cooling sun cause ice age?” (see image at left) — leads to a [...] … Read More

Cranking it out: NZ papers conned by denier media strategy - Hot Topic

Cindy Baxter Jan 16, 2012

My inbox in the last month has filled with emails about denier articles in leading New Zealand newspapers. It’s been a veritable crank central across the country. They include the ridiculous opinion piece by Jim Hopkins in the Herald late last year, a similar feature by Bryan Leyland  published in both the DomPost and The […] … Read More

Hansen in NZ: first reports - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden May 13, 2011

James Hansen’s tour of New Zealand is off to a flying start, with an appearance on TVNZ’s Close Up, coverage in the Herald (they got his age wrong) and an interview with the Dominion Post‘s Kiran Chug, followed by a business lunch (or a lunch with business) and an evening talk to a packed room [...] … Read More

Sunday Times apologises for ’Amazongate’ misinformation - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jun 21, 2010

Three months after Simon Lewis laid a complaint with the UK’s Press Complaints Commission, which I reported here, the Sunday Times has retracted Jonathan Leake’s disgraceful Amazongate article and apologised to Dr Lewis. The article has been removed from their website. Here’s the apology: The article “UN climate panel shamed by bogus rainforest claim” (News, [...] … Read More

Dominion Post editorial as shaky as Herald’s - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Feb 06, 2010

When I was writing the post on the Herald’s acceptance of journalistic say-so in its editorial on the IPCC Gareth drew my attention to the fact that the Dominion Post had also produced an editorial claiming that the ethics and integrity of climate scientists is being called into question.  I was too engaged with the [...] … Read More

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