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Ahead of its time: Doctor Who’s 56 inspiring female scientists - Guest Work

Guest Author May 19, 2016

By Rachel Morgain, Australian National University and Lindy Orthia, Australian National University The issue of gender equity in science has received a lot of attention recently. Governments are throwing money at it, scientists are speaking up about it and news agencies are reporting on it. Researchers interested in fictional scientists are also concerned … Read More

Brief interlude: spoon - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Jun 24, 2010

So, because I realise I have been remiss in posting over the last few days*. And also because I’m currently writing something somewhat more complex:  I bring you sciencey spoon-related humour. A word of introduction.  Some time ago, in a country fairly far away, the BBC decided to implement a … Read More