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Are newly evolved genes as important as ancient ones? - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Mar 18, 2011

by Tamsin Jones. We share about 70% of our genes with fruit flies. Those 70% are old, ancient genes, that were present in the common ancestor of flies and humans. We share many, many genes with most animals, and these conserved genes are thought to be the ones controlling all those really important processes necessary for … Read More

Breaking flies - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Oct 08, 2010

SM Morgan I am at the point in my PhD studies where I am ordering pre-made mutant lines of flies from the US to test out some of the results I found early in my research. It is amazing that we can do this — and for so remarkably little expense. There are vast warehouses in the States and … Read More