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The Galápagos of the Southern Ocean – Part I: Bon Voyage - Journeys to the ice

Matthew Wood Feb 17, 2011

The Galápagos of the Southern Ocean is an adventure tourism cruise to the sub-Antarctic islands of New Zeland and Australia run by Christchurch-based Heritage Expeditions. The rich and diverse wildlife of the region is driven by high primary productivity at these latitudes due to upwelling along major ocean fronts. The human history of the … Read More

Victory for Reason - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Nov 12, 2010

Though you wouldn’t believe it from the tripe spouted forth in the media, the outcome of the South Island Neurosurgery saga is a triumph of level-headed reason in the face of massive public pressure. It is clear from reading the actual report from the panel entrusted with gathering the facts and making a decision, that [...] Related posts: … Read More

Local documentaries: NZ bats, Dunedin stadium and 1080 - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Sep 25, 2010

Tomorrow the local television channel, Channel 9, features two documentaries that might interest local readers. One covers the use of 1080 to control pests, the other the covered stadium under construction. Let me first start with a short documentary that I encountered while researching for this post, which show great footage of New Zealand bats and … Read More

Describing your research – scientific soundbites from Dunedin - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Jun 29, 2010

I’ve been travelling around the country talking to emerging researchers about the interesting projects they are working on for their PhD theses or as part of their post-doc research. In particular, I’ve been giving them tips on how to effectively communicate their science and in an exercise during the workshop, I ask the researchers to sum up an aspect of … Read More