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Scientists slam manslaughter convictions for geophysicists - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Oct 23, 2012

Scientists around the world have reacted with dismay to conviction of six italian scientists and a former government official on manslaughter charges. The seven were convicted after prosecutors successfully argued that public statements they had contributed to a false sense of security in the Italian city of L’Aquila ahead of the 2009 earthquake that killed 309 people. L’Aquila … Read More

Do Earthquakes Affect Homeopathic Remedies? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jan 19, 2012

Over the past year and a half Christchurch has experienced over 9500 earthquakes. Some have been sustained over many seconds and been quite abrupt. This reminds me of the method used to prepare homeopathic remedies – solutions are hit against (succussed is the term homeopaths use for this) a bible or similar book a specific number of times in order to “potentate” the homeopathic remedy. Read More

Tired of Predictions? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Sep 29, 2011

It seems that every week or so there is someone claiming to predict some sort of natural disaster. As a resident of Christchurch, it gets particularly tiresome, given the previous earthquakes seem to attract every mediocre medium or attention seeking astrologer to have a go and guessing when another quake might occur. It is pointless to try and prevent these people from … Read More

How do you Visualise a Conversation? - Seeing Data

Chris McDowall Jun 24, 2011

Over the next couple of days I am helping run an online event called Magnetic South – an online game about the long term future of Christchurch. It is part of Christchurch City Council’s Share an Idea suite of initiatives and will input to the development of the Central City Plan. The game is being run on … Read More

Ring of Fire – Animated Map of World Earthquakes (Jan 1 – Mar 12, 2011 GMT) - Seeing Data

Chris McDowall Mar 13, 2011

This video was made very quickly and could use some work. I post it here in case you find it interesting. I suggest you watch it full-screen, in high definition with scaling off. [vimeo width=”680″ height=”383″]http://vimeo.com/20966740[/vimeo] The animation depicts two and half months of 2011 USGS earthquake data. Blue circles represent deep seismic activity recordings (>= 40km deep). Read More

Earthquake prediction: Is GPS our best bet? - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Mar 12, 2011

The devastation following the 8.9M earthquake in Japan and, closer to home, last month’s lethal quake in Christchurch has many asking what science is actually doing to find a way of forewarning of major earthquakes. Given the loss of life in high magnitude earthquakes and the resulting tsunamis, it is indeed something that ought to be taken … Read More

And then came the psychic - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Mar 06, 2011

Hot on the heels of the Ken Ring fiasco, Australian psychic Deb Webber has claimed that she predicted the Christchurch earthquake in an interview with the Herald on Sunday.  This claim has already been condemned as “scaremongering” by Christchurch mayor Bob Parker and other community leaders, as well as “unhelpful” by fellow psychic, Ken Cruickshank. Given that this claim … Read More

Learning from America's Ken Ring moment - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Mar 04, 2011

The furore over John Campbell’s interview with earthquake predictor Ken Ring this week really exposed a strong anti-science vein running through New Zealand that even we here at Sciblogs, seasoned from hand to hand combat with the anti-vax lobby, homeopaths and evolution deniers were surprised at. Headlines that preceded the predicted December 1990 earthquake As one commenter … Read More