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Running rings around the Moon Man? - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Mar 01, 2011

John Campbell’s interview last night with “Moon Man” and self-proclaimed earthquake predictor Ken Ring was, according to the unprecedented stream of Twitter messages following it, a “train wreck”, “harsh”, “disappointing” and “poor journalism”. Media veteran Dr Brian Edwards weighed in (site loading slowly today) soon  after the appearance to condemn Campbell’s effort: John, your mindless, … Read More

Six months of seismic activity in under a minute - Seeing Data

Chris McDowall Sep 08, 2010

I created a video to animate six months of 2010 New Zealand seismic activity data picked up by the GeoNet sensors. The animation begins in April and ends a few days after the 7.1 quake that hit Christchurch on September 4. Keep in mind three things when you view the video. Blue circles represent seismic activity recordings. Each event … Read More

Mapping quakes in Canterbury - Seeing Data

Chris McDowall Sep 05, 2010

I awoke yesterday morning to a stream of tweets and news articles reporting a massive earthquake near Christchurch. I followed the coverage throughout the day, reading the surreal accounts of everyday scenes turned upside down. Every so often an aftershock would ripple across Twitter and I would get a sense of the rhythm, if not the magnitude, of the event. Read More