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Moa’s Ark or flypaper of the Pacific – New Zealand’s place in the biology of the Pacific - From Past to Present

Michael Knapp Jun 17, 2021

It was the year 2002 and I was sitting in the shiny new office of our Biogeography Professor for my oral Diploma exam. It was going well, when I was asked to name an example of a Gondwanan distribution pattern, or in other words a species or group of species whose present-day distribution goes back to the ancient Gondwanan supercontinent … Read More

Distinct diets of extinct moa - News

Sarah-Jane O'Connor Jan 13, 2016

Extinct moa co-existed in pre-human New Zealand because they had a diverse range of diets and feeding strategies, New Zealand and Australian researchers have found. New research, published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, London, combining CT and MRI scans and software used after the Canterbury earthquakes has detailed the likely diet and feeding strategy of five of … Read More