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armed and dangerous… - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Feb 13, 2010

... the intriguing title of a brief news item in the latest edition of Science. The story (anon, 2010) outlines some of the most serious plant & fungal threats to agricultural production. One of them is the potato blight fungus, Phytophthora... Read More

avatar - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Jan 29, 2010

The family finally got its act together & went to see Avatar. In 3D :-) (Actually our act was arranged by friends, who also organised us into an al fresco meal of fish'n'chips beforehand.) I carefully didn't read anything much about the... Read More

a whale of a community - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Dec 19, 2009

 'Community' is one of those words that has different meanings in science & general use. Every time I set an essay that asks students to talk about biological communities, someone will tell me about ant communities, or monkey communities, or human... Read More