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Curb population growth to tackle climate change: now that’s a tough ask - Guest Work

Guest Author Feb 01, 2021

Michael P. Cameron, University of Waikato Population growth plays a role in environmental damage and climate change. But addressing climate change through either reducing or reversing growth in population raises difficult moral questions that most people would prefer to avoid having to answer. The English political economist Thomas Robert Malthus laid out a compelling argument against overpopulation … Read More

The mothers of invention - FutureworkNZ

Guest Author Jun 10, 2019

Dave Heatley Necessity is the mother of invention if camping without tent pegs, according to Kinley Salmon in his very readable book Jobs, robots & us. But the development and diffusion of innovation is a more complex story. Economists came rather late to the thinking about what influences technological innovation. The … Read More

More on population and per capita GDP - The Dismal Science

Michael Reddell Apr 10, 2018

My quick post on Saturday, in response to someone’s comment, was designed simply to illustrate what should have been quite an obvious point: looking across countries in any particular year, countries with large populations don’t tend to be richer (per capita GDP) than countries with small populations.  Just among the very big countries, the United States is towards … Read More

Do old people hurt growth? - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Apr 16, 2015

A new paper (PDF) claims that ageing populations will hinder growth by both dis-saving and dragging down innovation, thus reducing productivity. Using a VAR model, they relate the age structure to measures of growth, saving, investment, and other macroeconomic variables over the 1990-2007 period. They use those coefficients to predict the effect of demographic change […] … Read More

Christmas reading: McCloskey on Piketty - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Dec 25, 2014

It’s taken me a month to read it but Deirdre McCloskey’s essay on Piketty’s Capital is just as persuasive as you’d expect. Print it and read it with your family over Christmas! The review doesn’t break any new ground but it is eloquent and engaging. Her central themes are: The Industrial Revolution and Great Enrichment […] … Read More

Government size and economic growth - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Mar 17, 2014

The theoretical literature on economic growth offers support for both positive and negative effects of government size on economic growth. There are core areas of government which are said to help growth - e.g. provision of public goods such as infrastructure, rule of law, and protection of property rights - while there are also arguments outlining detrimental effects for growth … Read More