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Cause and effect: ancient trade and development - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Sep 26, 2013

In a previous post on the history of globalisation I quoted from Elhanan Helpman's book Understanding Global Trade. With regard to long-distance trade Helpman noted just how ancient trade is, While long-distance trade plays an essential role in modern economies, it was also a salient feature of economic development after the Neolithic Revolution, as hunter-gatherers evolved into sedentary … Read More

Robert Fogel: Nobel Laureate for economics, dies at 86 - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jun 13, 2013

Bloomberg.com is reporting the death of the economic historian Robert Fogel. Laurence Arnold writes, Robert Fogel, the University of Chicago economic historian awarded a Nobel Prize for his data-driven reconsiderations of how railways and slavery influenced U.S. economic history, has died. He was 86. and The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded Fogel and Douglass North … Read More

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