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Ivory Connections: Poaching and civil wars - Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Brendan Moyle Aug 08, 2014

As has been widely noted, elephant poaching in Africa has risen to very high levels- and once again is, threatening many populations of elephants.  The debate over the causes has not been entirely settled.  Some have advocated that this increase is a result of surging demand in East Asia (chiefly China).  As an explanation it doesn’t match a lot of … Read More

Into the Black- Part 2 - Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Brendan Moyle Jun 27, 2014

There is this odd belief that doing an economic study on an illegal wildlife market means just collecting a lot of prices.  This isn’t really as informative as you’d hope, especially when prices show a big spread.  The noise outweighs the signal. So, if we want to drill down deeper into the illegal market, what insights can we get from … Read More

Into the Black- The Chinese Illegal Ivory Market - Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Brendan Moyle Jun 26, 2014

One of the most important black-markets for ivory is now in China.  This creates a bit of a problem.  China is big, it is a really big country.  And it isn’t as open as most Western countries.  So doing research there can quickly get mired in political obstacles. Or logistical. So even after several years of unsustainable poaching, there hasn’t … Read More

Elephant poaching in decline - Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Brendan Moyle Jun 25, 2014

Ahead of the Standing Committee CITES meeting in July, a number of documents have been circulated.  One is SC65-42-01 .  This is the report on the status of elephants, poaching levels and illegal trade. One of the monitoring mechanism for African Elephants is PIKE.  This uses several indicator-sites through African range states to estimate the poaching rates of elephants.  … Read More

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