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Sycamore seeds and wind turbines - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jul 18, 2017

At the recent NZ Institute of Physics conference in Dunedin we heard about a wide range of different physics topics -measuring electrical forces; atomic frequency combs; why a highly gendered physics class is not a good thing and measuring forces with your phone. One very simple but thought-provoking presentation was by Tim Molteno — on sycamore seeds and their properties … Read More

Reflections on Coal Mining - Shaken Not Stirred

Jesse Dykstra Nov 30, 2010

An Important Fossil Fuel Coal is a rock that forms under intense pressure and high temperatures when plant material is buried under younger sediments over periods of millions of years. The resulting mineral has a very high concentration of carbon, and therefore is an important source of energy. Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel on … Read More