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What to do about astro-junk in NZ waters? - News

John Kerr Aug 29, 2016

New Zealand is about join the space race with a new rocket programme, but Kiwis will need to have a think about how this is going to impact our surrounding waters. The government has just opened public consultation on new rules about how material jettisoned into the ocean from rocket launches will be dealt with under environmental legislation. NZ … Read More

Lenz’s law – at 3 tesla - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson May 20, 2015

When I was at school, and introduced to magnetic fields in a quantitative sense (that is, with a strength attached to it), I remember being told that the S.I. unit of magnetic flux density (B-field) is the tesla, and that 1 tesla is an extremely high B-field indeed. Ha! Not any more. Last Friday night  I got to see … Read More

Managing ignition timing - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jun 13, 2014

I've just been at a great lecture by Peter Leijen as part of our schools-focused Osborne Physics and Engineering Day.   He's an ex-student of ours, who did electronic engineering here at Waikato - and graduated just a couple of years ago.  He now works in the automotive electronics industry. That's an incredibly quickly growing industry. So much of … Read More

Notation notation notation - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 14, 2014

Physicists and engineers have a particular fondness for using symbols for things. Thus, the speed of light becomes 'c'. Planck's constant is 'h'. And so forth. Not content with the latin alphabet, they have commandeered the greek one too: The Stefan-Bolztmann constant is  'sigma', the permittivity of free space is epsilon0 (the greek letter epsilon with a subscript zero) … Read More

The earth’s magnetic field: much more complicated than you might think - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 13, 2013

At the recent NZ Institute of Physics conference, we were treated to a wonderful description of the earth's magnetic proceses, by Gillian Turner.  What makes up the earth's magnetic field? What effect does it have? How is it changing? At first glance the magnetic field of the earth is pretty straightforward. There's a magnetic north pole … Read More