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Mouse-be-gone (-be-gone) - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 12, 2010

Here's some interesting stuff courtesy of the mighty google on yesterday's post. http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1033&context=nwrcrepellants  It's an old (1997) report on 'electronic' pest control devices. On 'electromagnetic' devices, it comments "Laboratory efficacy tests on the … Read More

Electrical Noise - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 26, 2010

Lectures have finished; students now are into the exam period; and my thoughts naturally turn to research for the summer. To be more accurate, they first turn to marking the aforementioned exams and other assignments, but research will quickly take over.One of the projects we have going involves recording small electrical signals from a system in our lab. Small signals for … Read More

Earthquakes and Polarized light - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 07, 2010

I had to get up early last Saturday to catch my flight back home from Dunedin to Hamilton, via Christchurch. My fears of sleeping through the alarm clock proved irrelevant as I was supplied with a rather more violent variety courtesy of plate tectonics underneath Christchurch. (Dunedin is a long way from Christchurch - given the extent of the shake … Read More

The essence of physics - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jun 24, 2010

Exams are looming, and I've had a constant stream of students coming to me this week asking me questions.One question I've had has been asked by two students independently, relating to an example calculation done in a text book. The question goes like this: "I've been going through this example, and I get the answer 0.159, but the book says … Read More

What shall I blog about today? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jun 15, 2010

Don't ask that question. There I was, last night, leaving work, thinking that I had nothing to put on a physics blog, when I turned the key in my car ignition to find an engine that was struggling to give me any power. After going a kilometre or so, it was clear it wasn't a problem with the automatic choke, … Read More

Lots of flashing LEDs - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jun 08, 2010

A sure-fire way to increase the value of any piece of electronic equipment is to add some superfluous flashing red, yellow and green LEDs to it. (Light Emitting Diode.) They serve no use, but their presence is somehow comforting (especially in sci-fi films) and gives the impression that the equipment is busy doing something useful.There was a time however when this … Read More

Going Naked - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson May 22, 2010

I've been reading about Naked Short Selling, following Germany's decision this week to ban it. What the financial world gets up to is rather interesting, to say the least.  For those who don't wish to read about it themselves, my summary is this:  Short-selling is where you borrow something, then sell it, buy it back later at a lower price (you … Read More