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What spin would you like with that? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson May 20, 2010

I've been trying to avoid commenting on the recent mobile phone and cancer study (since everyone else is) but something I've just read has rather irked me so I'm going to do it.So we have a study that's just been published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. As with other high interest scientific research, it gets reported in … Read More

Stunning Physics - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson May 12, 2010

Sorry about the gap in activities - I had something unexpected come up which was rather more important and urgent than writing blog posts. More or less back online now.A couple of weeks ago we had our University Open Day, at the University of Waikato. This covered the whole university, and, of course, our department put together some displays and … Read More

A computer isn’t a replacement for your brain - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Apr 30, 2010

As part of one of our research projects, one of my students has just acquired a set of tiny electrodes, set into plastic in a grid-like pattern. We'll use this array to measure the electrical conductivity of various fluids. We don't need 60 electrodes, about 4 would do nicely, but the particular company concerned makes the electrode arrays like this, so that's what we've … Read More

Goodbye old technology and hello new - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 31, 2010

First the new stuff:Judging by the excited twittering of the last day or so, there are a few rather excited people at CERN.  http://www.twitter.com/cern . It's now running and producing collisions at 3.5 TeV per beam. We are well in the realm of new physics.  The Higgs boson might feel a little nervous now - it will find it increasingly difficult … Read More

Mind games for physicists - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 24, 2010

Here's a gem of a paper from Jonathan Tuminaro and Edward Redish.The authors have carried out a detailed analysis of the discussions a group of physics students had when solving a particular problem. They've worked hard (the researchers, as well as the students) - the first case study they chose was a conversation 45 minutes long.While tackling the … Read More

Mobile phone physics - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 19, 2010

Just occasionally, I have a crazy thought regarding a physics demonstration.   This is one that I'm thinking about inflicting on my third year electromagnetism class.  We've been discussing the way electromagnetic waves travel (or rather, do not travel) through electrical conductors. Basically, conductors allow electric currents to flow in response to an applied electric field (in simple terms this just means applying a voltage). Read More

Copper Conducting Considerable Current - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 12, 2010

The latest kitchen acquisition (no, we don't spend all our money on buying things for the kitchen) is decent frying pan. We've spent too long with frying pans that are about as flat as the Southern Alps.  It's a copper-based pan, which probably accounts for its expense, with a stainless steel surface.   The reason for the copper is that it conducts … Read More

Science research works - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 02, 2010

I was pleased to read in February's PhysicsWorld that a spin-off company started by Henning Sirringhaus and Richard Friend (the latter being one of my old university lecturers) has launched an exciting product into the electronics market - the Que. (Don't ask me how to say it, nor why they have chose such awful colours for their website.)   Think of … Read More