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What’s so dangerous about high voltage? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Feb 24, 2010

There was a short piece on the television news last night about the 'Taser' weapon now being used by the NZ police force.  I always listen carefully to popular media when they discuss electrical things, since there is a quagmire of terminology that is often used incorrectly.   This time, however, I didn't pick-up incorrectly used terms - "50 thousand volts" was mentioned, but … Read More

Does my teaching work? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Feb 11, 2010

This year, I've finally decided (more accurately, finally got around to doing it) to undertake a Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching.  In plain English, that means do some training that actually prepares me to teach at university. "What?" I hear you say - "You mean you haven't got any qualification to teach at university?".  Nope. And the same is true … Read More

Wild weather in Waikato - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 28, 2010

Well, those of you living in the central North Island will probably have some idea already of what I'm going to say, but, for those of you who don't, I'll start by saying that the weather here has been rather predictable this week.  We've had three tropical-style days in a row, with a fourth shaping up the same way already.It … Read More

Say goodbye to the drill… - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 27, 2010

Here's a nice piece of applied physics research that will excite a significant minority of the population - specifically those who dread going to the dentist. Personally, I have never had any issues with drills (needles are a different story), but I know lots of people who do.The proposed method uses cold plasmas to kill off bacteria-infected dentin that would … Read More

Can you feel the cold? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 21, 2010

Writing the last piece about fridges has reminded me about a comment I heard from a fellow student while I was an undergraduate. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but it quite possibly had something to do with objects in liquid nitrogen.  Anyway, the comment was something along the lines of 'The temperature's so low you can feel the cold radiating … Read More

The importance of physics - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 06, 2010

It is sometimes hard as a scientist to maintain a broad focus. It is very easy to get obsessed with your pet project and forget the equally important stuff being done by scientists and others elsewhere. Just because you find your research extremely interesting and you can see lots of uses for it, it doesn't necessarily follow that others will … Read More

Simple Machines - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Dec 26, 2009

There's a lot to do while driving.   Look at the road - watch the speedo (98 kmh - OK there), watch the road - look in mirrors - check fuel gauge (half - OK there) - watch road - watch that car at the intersection ahead - check temperature gauge (where it should be) - eyes on road - glance … Read More

Small Transistors - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Dec 09, 2009

How often do you get attracted to an article somewhere because of its outrageous headline, and then discover on reading the article that its headline, if not an outright lie, doesn't quite represent what the article is actually about?This is one that got my attention earlier this week on physorg.com.  The headline "Scientists build 'single-atom transistor' " certainly … Read More

Waves in a plasma - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Dec 04, 2009

This post follows from a comment I had yesterday from Robert McCormick on the www.sciblogs.co.nz version of PhysicsStop. (Unfortunately the mapping of PhysicsStop onto the sciblogs website doesn't combine the comments - so if you read my blog through The University of Waikato website you won't have got his comment, so I attach the link below)https://sciblogs.co.nz/physics-stop/2009/12/03/rainbows/#comments Plasmas provide … Read More