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Electric cars charging ahead in NZ - Guest Work

Aimee Whitcroft Dec 21, 2015

Transport – it’s all around us all the time, but how often do many of us actually think deeply about it? Beyond banging our steering wheel in frustration at gridlocked traffic or a slow truck, or having an opinion about driverless cars, that is. Which brings me to electric vehicles (EV), one of my favourite topics of conversation, … Read More

How fast can we transition to a low-carbon energy system? - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 02, 2015

Paul N Edwards, University of Michigan The world’s nations are convening in traumatized Paris to hammer out commitments to slow down global climate change. Any long-term solution will require “decarbonizing” the world energy economy – that is, shifting to power sources that use little or no fossil fuel. How fast can this happen, and what could we do to … Read More

The longest decade – the quest for fusion - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 11, 2015

by Ryan Ridden-Harper Fusion, the ability to create near limitless power is always a decade away. Or so the joke goes. This summer I got the opportunity to join the quest for fusion, with a Summer Research Scholarship at the Australian National University. For my project I was supervised by Associate Professor Matthew Hole as I worked on simulating plasma models. This … Read More

Toddler does physics-art - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 29, 2014

As we all know, a scientifically-minded toddler plus a piece of technology can lead to unexpected results. This is the result of Benjamin playing with a retractable steel tape measure at the weekend. How we came to break the case apart I don't know, but the results are pretty (the cellphone shot in poor light doesn't do justice to … Read More

When energy conservation doesn’t add up (or does it?) - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 23, 2014

In the last few weeks holes have been popping up all over Cambridge. They are being dug by 'ditch-witches'  - pieces of machinery designed for making small-diameter tunnels for cabling - as part of the installation of fibre-optic cables for the much vaunted ultra-fast broadband. A ditch-witch is about the ultimate in machinery-obsessed-toddler heaven. We've been avidly … Read More

We should probably talk about nuclear power - Guest Work

Guest Author Sep 09, 2014

SciBlogs is running guest posts from some of the Eureka! Sir Paul Callaghan Awards 2014 finalists. In this guest post, University of Auckland student Rachael Wiltshire kicks off a conversation about the future of New Zealand energy. Three years ago, my History class was studying the Vietnam War when a question arose: why would anyone want to implement Communism? … Read More

Labour’s dodgy drilling policy avoids climate reality - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jul 17, 2014

In his interview on TV3’s The Nation last weekend David Shearer declared a Labour Party policy on oil and gas drilling which, like the Government’s, fails to confront the reality of climate change. Drilling will continue. The approval processes will be improved, the regulations will be tight, the money gained will be used well, but […] … Read More

TDB Today: Generation Zero’s Clean Energy campaign - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden May 07, 2014

My post at The Daily Blog this week ignores all the political kerfuffle surrounding milk-stained cabinet ministers taking holidays from twitter, and focusses on a new report from non-partisan young climate activist group Generation Zero: A Challenge To Our Leaders – Why New Zealand needs a Clean Energy Plan. It’s an impressive piece of work, […] … Read More

Nuclear manoeuvres - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 13, 2014

Is the world moving toward a nuclear power renaissance? The following chart from Technology Review shows that while traditional nuclear energy nations are scaling back, others are building nuclear power plants. Japan is moving to reactivate nuclear plants , although the opposition political party wants to phase them out. China in particular is … Read More