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Mangroves: ‘Bioshields’ of our coastlines - News

Erica Mather Jul 27, 2015

The importance of mangroves in estuaries and river deltas has been highlighted in a new study. Vulnerable parts of the coast are protected from erosion by the mesh-like roots of mangroves that trap soil, buffering the impact of waves and tidal currents. New Zealand and UK scientists utilised data on the New Zealand mangrove (mānawa) in a new … Read More

Why freshwater management needs to include estuaries - Waiology

Waiology Nov 11, 2013

By Malcolm Green There is a widespread view that cumulative effects – those effects that build up over time or that occur in combination with other effects – are the Achilles heel of the Resource Management Act. Back in 2010, the Land and Water Forum, echoing previous legal commentary, argued that limits are the solution: “without limits it is … Read More

Estuaries on the receiving end of catchment runoff - Waiology

Waiology Nov 06, 2013

By Judi Hewitt Estuaries are the transition between fresh water and the open coast, sheltered water that is neither fully saline nor fresh. The New Zealand coastline contains 441 estuaries, whose environmental characteristics are recorded in the Estuarine Classification database. Estuaries support a wide range of human activities and values and are an integral part of the cultural identity … Read More

Un-muddying the Waters: Series on NZ water quality - Waiology

Waiology Oct 14, 2013

By Daniel Collins The state of our waters is a hot button topic. Water quality has become an election issue from Southland to Northland, from towns to nation, and it is often in the news. Swimming water quality and implications of the proposed Ruataniwha water storage and irrigation scheme in Hawke’s Bay are cases in point. Sediment plume from … Read More