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Dismissing Greens’ plan out of hand not justified - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 22, 2011

The immediate government reaction to the Greens’ announcement yesterday of their “100,000 green jobs” policy was to defend the economic status quo. The Prime Minister John Key: “They are talking about putting enormous taxes on New Zealand that would send a lot of businesses bankrupt.” Transport Minister Steven Joyce weighed in: “What they’re proposing is [...] … Read More

The billion dollar gap - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Apr 07, 2011

Dr Jan Wright, New Zealand’s parliamentary commissioner for the environment, today released her submission (pdf) to the Emissions Trading Review panel. It calls for a significant toughening up of the scheme that was so extensively watered down by the current government in 2009, in order to avoid a billion dollar per year cost to taxpayers. [...] … Read More

Lignite: dirty brown forbidden fruit - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Feb 20, 2011

Two items during this week highlighted the continuing progress of Solid Energy’s intentions to develop the Southland lignite fields. I therefore provide this depressing update to two Hot Topic posts on the issue late last year. Don Elder (left), CEO of state-owned enterprise Solid Energy, appeared before the Commerce select committee during the week and [...] … Read More

Can you dig it? - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Dec 15, 2010

On the same day that I wrote a post about the proposed lignite development in Southland I emailed the Minister for Economic Development, Gerry Brownlee, to express my dismay at the news. I have received a letter in reply which explains all too clearly how such a development could, and presumably will, proceed under current [...] … Read More

NZ ETS passes the Kyoto bill to our children - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jul 13, 2010

This guest post is by Simon Terry, Executive Director of the Sustainability Council and co author with Geoff Bertram of “The Carbon Challenge: New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme” (published by Bridget Williams Books). New Zealand’s failure to reduce emissions to its Kyoto Protocol target means the taxpayer still faces a $1.1 to $5.7 billion net [...] … Read More

Under Milk Woodford - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jul 07, 2010

I opened the farming page of the Waikato Times yesterday evening to see a prediction from Lincoln University agribusiness professor Keith Woodford that the government is likely to dump the methane component from the ETS. He was speaking to farmers at a Lincoln sheep and beef seminar. The article is on Stuff’s website. The basis [...] … Read More

Climate Capitalism - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jul 05, 2010

Climate change science is clear and undeniable in its general thrust.  Climate change politics by contrast are murky and uncertain.  Peter Newell and Matthew Paterson have spent nearly two decades researching and writing about the politics, and their new book Climate Capitalism: Global Warming and the Transformation of the Global Economy reflects all the uncertainties [...] … Read More

Twas the night before… the ETS - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jun 30, 2010

Tomorrow morning, a large chunk of New Zealand’s much debated Emissions Trading Scheme comes into effect. Forestry’s already been in it for two years, but July 1st is the day that the liquid fuels and electricity generation sectors start to have to account for their emissions, and it’s the first day that consumers might see [...] … Read More