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Mysterious crosses - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge May 16, 2012

Continuing from my last post, where I mentioned a few of the crosses in our southern skies, I’m going to take a closer look at some of the weird and wonderful objects located near them, namely the Carina and Keyhole nebulae, the ‘Southern Pleiades’,  one of the few naked eye Wolf-Rayet stars and NGC2516. Keyhole Nebula Keyhole Nebula … Read More

“Just So Science” – A Song of the Universe - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge May 17, 2011

After finally finding time to catch up on new Dr Who over the weekend, I was inspired to write a little about the music of the cosmos. We don’t usually think of the stars as being intrinsically noisy, but since the advent of Radioastronomy it has become possible to ‘listen’ to some of the signals … Read More