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What’s With Those Aftershocks?! - Shaken Not Stirred

Jesse Dykstra Sep 08, 2010

8 Sept. 2010, 07:49, M 5.1 Aftershock, Ground Shaking Intensity. Source: GNS At 7:49 am this morning, Christchurch and western Banks Peninsula were hammered by a particularly vicious aftershock. This latest tremor had a magnitude of  ‘only’ 5.1, but was centered just a few kilometers from Christchurch, at a very shallow depth of only 6km. As can be seen from … Read More

What Lies Beneath the Canterbury Plains? A Fault Revealed - Shaken Not Stirred

Jesse Dykstra Sep 07, 2010

This is the second post of a 3-4 part series on the Canterbury Earthquake. Canterbury Earthquake, Pt II Source: GNS Was this Canterbury’s ‘Big One’? When I was shaken out of a deep slumber at 4:36 am last Saturday, I couldn’t help but think that ‘this is the big one’.   The intensity of the shaking was certainly more than … Read More

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