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Message back from Japan - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Mar 15, 2011

I was surprised and pleased to receive some comments back today from my FTTH Council friend Katsu-san who is involved with FTTH installations for Sumitomo Electric in Japan. His email is very interesting from several aspects. I quote: Dear John, Thank you for the dispatch regarding the fibre optics and earthquakes. I had lived in Sendai before and … Read More

Fibre optics and Earthquakes/Tsunamis - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Mar 14, 2011

After the terrible events in Christchurch, and now Honshu in Japan, Peter Griffin suggested that I may like to comment on the ability of fibre to withstand such traumas. The actual glass part of the fibre is quite fragile and delicate. However the fibre “light conductor” core is always sheathed in variety of protective coatings, from simple plastic to modern … Read More