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Is the ‘Chicago Plan’ the way forward? - The Dismal Science

Infometrics Apr 10, 2014

David Grimmond writes about the old Chicago Plan, written up following the Great Depression (Infometrics link).  Given the way it is described by the IMF he believe it: There are many other examples of low lying fruit in the policy domain where a combination of entrenched interests and innate conservatism inhibits movements to welfare enhancing […] … Read More

Some broad lessons from the GFC - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Mar 14, 2014

I had to do a brief chat about the Global Financial Crisis, “mistakes” that were made, and the role of the international financial architecture, for a organisation I’m not naming with people I’m not naming.  It was Chatham House rules, but nothing particularly rough was said – so I’m more not naming anything as I […] … Read More

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