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Spicing Up Fingerprints - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds May 15, 2013

Fingerprints form a key part of criminal investigations, allowing an investigator to connect a suspect to a crime scene.  Modern analytical chemistry however allows more detailed information to be gathered from fingerprints, a process which is being made even easier using the spice tumeric. By analysing the chemical composition of fingerprints it is possible to find out more about the … Read More

“Every contact leaves a trace…” - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Aug 15, 2010

Or so said Edmond Locard in the 1800s, being one of the best known forensic scientists of history.  His statement Every contact leaves a trace has been a basic tenet of forensic science for many years.  The trick has been whether or not forensic scientists can detect those traces. Well, it sounds like a new method of detecting a trace … Read More