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Dementia an extra challenge in natural disasters - News

Jean Balchin Apr 26, 2018

As anyone who has experienced a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood will attest, natural disasters are very traumatic experiences for everyone involved. Yet they are even more dangerous for people with dementia. To this end, the QUT-based Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration: Carers and Consumers (DCRC-CC) has published a new guide, which aims to prepare those who care … Read More

Past, present, future: how human evolution and climate are linked - Guest Work

Guest Author Jun 07, 2016

By Andrew Glikson, Australian National University Over the past year, carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels in the atmosphere have risen faster than any period in the past 55 million years. That’s the finding of my study published in Global Change Biology. From April 2015 to April 2016, CO₂ levels rose by 4.6 parts per million (ppm), reaching a … Read More

Bringing science and tech to the people - Curious and Curiouser

Victoria Metcalf Nov 06, 2015

If you were in Christchurch anytime over the last few weeks you would have probably noticed posters advertising the Big Science Day. This event, run by Science Alive and with funding from the Unlocking Curious Minds fund, an initiative within the government-led “A Nation of Curious Minds” programme, took place on a stunningly fine day, Saturday … Read More

The year the earth bit back: top climate stories of 2012 - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 29, 2012

2012Amidst the blizzard of year-end roundups, here’s one you have to read in full — a joint effort put together by a diverse group of bloggers and scientists: Angela Fritz, Eli Rabett, Emilee Pierce, Greg Laden, Joe Romm, John Abraham, Laurence Lewis, Leo Hickman, Michael Mann, Michael Tobis, Paul Douglas, Scott Mandia, Scott Brophy, Stephan [...] … Read More

Chemistry Extravaganza – The Movie - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Nov 12, 2012

A few months ago I blogged about the Chemistry Extravaganza which was organised by the Canterbury Branch of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry. Making use of the skills of chemistry teachers Rudi Jansen and Graham Townsend, an audience of over 200 people was kept enthralled with a range of chemistry demonstrations. I have now discovered that someone recorded … Read More

Chemistry is Magic - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Aug 27, 2012

Move over Harry Potter, if you want to see truly magical displays, watch a chemist in action.   Forget those glowing bacteria (sorry Siouxsie ;-)) if you want a fantastic light display ask a chemist. Last Thursday, the awesome chemistry skills of Rudi Jansen (Middleton Grange School) and Graham Townsend (University of Canterbury) were demonstrated to an audience of around … Read More

New Evidence of Controlled Fire Use by Ancestors, 1 million years ago, at Wonderwerk (Miracle) Cave, South Africa - Digging the Dirt

Brigid Gallagher Apr 03, 2012

  Ask anybody today what the fundamental requirements of life are, and they will tell you….food, shelter, lighting, warmth, their iphone… Ask anybody in prehistory what the fundamental requirements of life are, and they may tell you….food, shelter, lighting, warmth… And for most of this, until recently, that meant fire.  Fire to protect, Fire to cook, Fire to see, Fire … Read More