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A 700,000-year-old fossil find shows the Hobbits’ ancestors were even smaller - Guest Work

Guest Author Jun 09, 2016

By Gerrit (Gert) van den Bergh, University of Wollongong and Adam Brumm, Griffith University It was back in October 2004 when archaeologists first unveiled the partial skeleton of a tiny, small-brained hominin previously unknown to science, now known as Homo floresiensis. These “Hobbit”-like creatures first appeared at Liang Bua cave, on the Indonesian island … Read More

The ‘hobbits’ were extinct much earlier than first thought - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 31, 2016

Thomas Sutikna, University of Wollongong; Matthew Tocheri, Lakehead University, and Richard ‘Bert’ Roberts, University of Wollongong New discoveries at the Indonesian cave site of Liang Bua are changing the way we look at the mysterious Homo floresiensis – known as “hobbits” because of their short stature. We originally believed these hobbits disappeared around … Read More