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50% of people who lived in 1917 were intellectually disabled - Mere Conjecture

Jack Auty Jan 07, 2017

More than half the world was intellectually disabled prior to 1917CE….. if you extrapolate the Flynn effect. This blog will be an interesting dive into IQ, intellectual disability, crime, time travel and the Flynn effect. Let’s start by saying that you are probably “smarter” (whatever that means) than your parents. That’s right, when you were a pimply, hormone filled, teenager … Read More

The Flynn Effect and closing the IQ gap - Guest Work

Guest Work Jul 19, 2012

by Toby Hendy, Katikati College student and winner of the 2012 Eureka Symposium Secondary School orator’s award IQ tests were designed to see who would succeed in the education system and we typically use them to measure intelligence. However, across different social groups we have seen gaps in IQ scores. It is a taboo subject, but it is also … Read More