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Back to the blog - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jul 02, 2018

Having had a rather extended half-time break from blogging I have some time to get it kicked-off again. And what better topic that the Football World Cup.  (Or, as it’s referred to everywhere except New Zealand, the World Cup.)   There are some great examples and analogies of physics that we can pull from this, but I thought I’d start with … Read More

Sunday reading – mental time warps, treating OCD, bio banking, All Whites beat Serbia - Code for life

Grant Jacobs May 30, 2010

Neurophilosophy sits in my blogroll for it’s constant supply of excellent stories about intriguing topics of the mind. Apparent motion steers the wandering mind tells of research indicating that motion, forward or backward, prompts the mind to think of the past or future. Perceived motion acting as a sort-of mental warping device? You be the judge. Read More

Kiwi twitter power-allwhites hit #2 trend for day, worldwide - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Nov 15, 2009

[Not science related.] Let’s repeat that: Kiwis twittering on ‘allwhites’ hit the #2 trend for the day on twitter, worldwide. Just shows that little New Zealand has a decent presence on twitter and they’re collaborative enthusiastic bods who get together and get a trend going. Here’s the graph that shows the state of things at about 1am, from … Read More