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Guilty until proven innocent - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Feb 14, 2011

“A lack of accreditation of expert witnesses means that anyone with a scientific background and sufficient ‘brass neck’ could set themselves up as a forensic science expert and mislead the court“. So warns Lord Justice Leveson, an English Court of Appeal Judge. It has already happened: Gene Morrison. Originally jailed for 5 years various offences [...] … Read More

Drugs, driving and saliva - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Aug 02, 2010

After a brief airing on RadioLive this morning to talk about a recent press release regarding drug/drink driving statistics, I thought it pertinent to add a little something to clarify what I was saying (three minutes is not a long time to say what you need to say on an issue as big as this!). [...] … Read More

To reduce or not reduce — that is the blood alcohol question - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Jul 28, 2010

Several posts have got involved in the blood alcohol debate (examples being Blood alcohol, Categories of drunk and Wobbling into the road after a night at the pub….). Should NZ reduce the blood alcohol limit for driving a motor vehicle from 80 mg alc/100 ml blood to 50? The UK still has 80 in blood [...] … Read More

Wobbling into the road after a night at the pub…. - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Jul 26, 2010

Once again, alcohol-related stories are all over the media (Drunk driver haunted by night of shame; Joyce to review drink-driving loophole; ‘Humiliated’ barrister to plead guilty to drink-driving; Car death: ‘Any other kid, you’d be in jail’).  All of these cases, and most of the alcohol-related cases that are reported in the media, contain stories [...] … Read More

How we behave when we’re drunk - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Apr 09, 2010

Talking about lowering the blood alcohol limit in New Zealand to 50 milligrams alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood is today’s big story. I’ve been asked by lots of people over the years about how much alcohol drivers have to consume in order to be over the legal limit. Quite rightly, the [...] … Read More

Drinking, driving and Maltese(rs) - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Apr 09, 2010

Lowering the NZ drink drive limit to 50 milligrams alcohol/100 ml blood is big news this week. Will the government do it? Is that low enough? Should we do as the Maltese do (according to Google anyway) and have a zero blood alcohol level for driving? I’ve written reports for a couple of [...] … Read More

Hair, science and crims - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Feb 28, 2010

Analysing hair for criminal casework purposes has had some new developments recently, as reported in Forensic Science International. For your delectation and delight, and as the journal has a log in, I have decided to share some of the papers that deal with day-to-day issues to which we can all relate: In Sweden, if someone [...] … Read More

Veneer to the rescue! - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Feb 11, 2010

There’s a man in China who’s very glad about varnish and veneer. Despite his fingerprints being found at the scene of a theft, he was discharged by the judge who was presiding over his trial for said theft (Driver nearly convicted for incidental fingerprints). The reason was because the fingerprints were beneath a [...] … Read More