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The wrong road to take - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jan 19, 2012

It’s difficult not to become repetitive when blogging about climate change. The basic science is well-established. The dangers global warming poses to human society are clear and in some places present. The solutions lie with drastically cutting the level of greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changes already unavoidable.  The mitigation solution in particular continues [...] … Read More

Doublethink: doubleplus ungood - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Dec 24, 2011

What do New Zealand government members really think about the chasm between their claims on the one hand to be addressing climate change and their insistence on the other that we must take every opportunity to expand our fossil fuel mining industry? I listened to a recent Radio New Zealand interview with Tim Groser, the [...] … Read More

Christmas gift ideas: Thinking of our grandchildren - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Dec 07, 2011

Books are ideal Christmas presents. And as I am spending some time dealing with family business I thought reposting some of my past book reviews over the next few days could be useful am repeating some of my past book … Continue reading → … Read More

Support for greening the economy - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 26, 2011

It’s been interesting to see some NZ Herald articles bearing on the Green Party’s “100,000 green jobs” policy which I discussed a few days ago. John Armstrong shared my view that the Green’s jobs policy deserved more than the “ritualistic slagging” offered by John Key and Steven Joyce. National might still claim the Greens do [...] … Read More

Climate Change and Global Energy Security - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 18, 2011

Academics Marilyn Brown and Benjamin Sovacool, who have impressive credentials in the field of energy policy, are co-authors of the recently published Climate Change and Global Energy Security: Technology and Policy Options, a substantial and detailed study of a very wide range of technologies covering both the promise of those options and the obstacles to [...] … Read More

The Lesson from China - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 15, 2011

Environmentalist Lester Brown is a competitive long-distance runner even into his late seventies. There’s something of the dogged persistence of that sport in the way he keeps delivering the message that humanity must change course, and backing up what he has to say with masses of data.  The latest email I received a few days [...] … Read More

Hansen: shelter from the storm - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Dec 28, 2010

James Hansen has long been a leading climate scientist and he is also an excellent communicator of the science to the public. What he had to say about the scientific picture in his recent interview with Bill McKibben, a different aspect of which I highlighted in yesterday’s post, is of interest for its clarity and [...] … Read More