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Pratchett on becoming a manager: this too for scientists - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 09, 2014

I frequently hear or read of senior scientists bemoaning that they no longer do science, but manage. That in becoming a PI (principle investigator) working life has become dominated by paperwork, coordinating things and meetings. Pratchett puts moving up career ladder to management responsibilities so eloquently in Night Watch (2002, hardback, p24) through the mind of … Read More

Frederick Sanger 1918-2013 Chemist who pioneered protein and DNA sequencing - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Nov 21, 2013

Two-time Nobel Prize winner and pioneer of techniques that brought on modern biology, Frederick Sanger, died yesterday, aged 95. His DNA and protein sequencing techniques are early steps to the world of high-speed DNA sequencing we have today, with whole genomes reported frequently and diagnosis of genetic components of disease, to mention just two applications. Knowing the … Read More