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Quality control and contestable funding - Guest Work

Guest Author Oct 12, 2010

by Dr Prue Williams When the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology announced the recipients of its major public good science funding round in July, people mostly wanted to know ‘who?’, and ‘how much?’ These essential questions were answered, incisively, through media coverage and through direct communications between the Foundation and the research community. But although on the tip of … Read More

Nanorods, Sauvignon Blanc win out in science funding round - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Jul 12, 2010

The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology has today unveiled its main “public good” funding round grants which total $48 million and fund everything from the development of the New Zealand titanium industry, through to restoring wetlands. More details of these interesting research projects will hopefully emerge in the media in the course of the next week. Read More