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It’s all about the math, dummy! - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Sep 18, 2014

No one understands the electoral maths of the NZ electoral system including the electoral commission apparently. Last night I put the latest figures from the “Poll of Polls” into the electoral commission calculator and I discovered the calculator was broken! I put the figures in with United Future winning one electorate seat, but when it crunched … Continue reading → … Read More

“There’s more to neoliberal hegemony than loss-leader pricing, but as ideological combatants those people know what they’re doing.” - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Apr 29, 2014

Scott McLemee at Crooked Timber tells us that Lawrence & Wishart, publishers of the Marx-Engels Collected Works, are issuing take-down notices to the Marxist Internet Archive for their translations of Marx and Engels; other translations will stay there. Writes McLemee:Chances are the archive volunteers never contacted the press before putting the material up because they assumed, reasonably … Read More

Of Curling and Quinoa - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Mar 08, 2014

I love this Colby Cosh piece on curling:The funny thing is that curling, even with money at stake, is formidably immune to most of the ugliness that modernity imposes on sport—the frantic marketing, the soul-killing training, the illicit performance-enhancers, the odiousness of billionaire ownership. Curling is unruinable. It will never be invaded by monsters with overdeveloped right arms. It … Read More

Ron Weasley sucks - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Feb 08, 2014

Finally. JK Rowling's admitted what readers of Yudkowsky's continuum have long known: Ron Weasley sucks. Well, she didn't quite put it that way - she said instead that Hermoine should never have wound up with Weasley. Which is true, because Weasley sucks.In Harry Potter and the Methods Of Rationality, Potter was trained in the methods of science and rationality … Read More

Expecting Better - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Oct 21, 2013

My review of Emily Oster's excellent Expecting Better appeared in this weekend's Christchurch Press; it's copied below. I've added in a few relevant links. I had a lot of questions for our midwife when we expected our first a few years ago. Questions like, "Which shared-care obstetrician has the best delivery outcomes adjusting for the risk of the patient … Read More