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Budget 2015: What's in it for science? - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin May 21, 2015

Budget 2015 is done and dusted and it appears there are few surprises for the science sector, other than an interesting move to replicate the success of the independent, Nelson-based Cawthron Institute. $25 million in funding has been allocated over three years to establish “between one and three” new Regional Research Institutes outside of the main centres of … Read More

The academic publishing scam – how much research funding are we losing to journal subscriptions? - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Aug 01, 2014

Currently doing the rounds on twitter is this on the massive profits made by academic publishers: If you are in Australia or New Zealand and want to know how much is spent just on purchasing subscriptions to academic journals then there is a very handy tool on the Council of Australian University Librarians website. In 2013 … Read More

Science funding down under – a tale of opposites - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles May 16, 2014

This week has seen budget announcements from both Australia and New Zealand and it is a story of opposites when it comes to science funding. The fabulous Keith Ng (@keith_ng) has produced a great dynamic infographic if you want to see where New Zealand is going to be spending it’s money and how this … Read More

Eight great technologies? - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Oct 16, 2013

Her Majesty’s Government (ie the UK one) has just released some infographics of what it calls “Eight Great Technologies” which will be the focus of R&D to support its industrial strategy, and where Britain already has some strong existing capabilities. As infographics go they are pretty lame since they don’t convey much information. I’d just call … Read More

What the HRC should have done - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Sep 18, 2013

The system is broke.  It is no better than a lottery.  The Health Research Council tacitly acknowledged this last year when they introduced a lottery to their grant funding round.  The lottery was for three grants of $150,000 each.  These “Explorer Grants” are available again this year.  The process went thus: HRC announced the grant … Continue reading → … Read More

Additional to the NZ Science Challenges - Code for life

Grant Jacobs May 01, 2013

As others at sciblogs have noted (two links), the National Science Challenges and their funding were announced midday today. I’d like to quickly highlight a few items not in the science challenges, as noted in the Report of the National Science Challenges (PDF file) under section 12: Other points the Panel wishes to bring to Government’s attention. Read More