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How citizen scientists discovered a giant cluster of galaxies - Guest Work

Guest Author Jun 14, 2016

By Ray Norris, Western Sydney University It used to be that you had to have years of training before you could participate in cutting-edge science. But that has changed, with the power of the internet enabling thousands of ordinary people to contribute to one of humanity’s most exciting endeavours from the comfort of their homes. It was … Read More

Discovering planets… from your couch - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Oct 07, 2015

It was about 25 minutes into Chris Lintott’s Royal Society lecture that the proceedings nearly went off the rails. Professor Chris Lintott An audience member put his hand up to make a comment, which Lintott, Professor of Astrophysics and Citizen Science at the University of Oxford, paused his talk to answer. “I’ve seen that shape before,” said the grey-haired man in … Read More