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Reframing innovation in New Zealand Part 1 - Ice Doctor

Victoria Metcalf Aug 08, 2016

The assignment from Te Punaha Matatini – to think about how we might reframe innovation in the New Zealand context and to use the available data from Figure.NZ to do so – has given me pause to consider some often overlooked and what I believe are pivotal components to creating a brighter future – diversity (in this piece, focussing … Read More

The Differences between Men and Women - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Apr 24, 2011

It’s often considered dangerous to discuss perceived differences between men and women. Indeed, commenting on the different abilities of men and women in any area (maths, multi-tasking, science etc) can lead to rather vigorous discussions not only about whether any such differences truly exist but also about whether such differences are innate (due to nature) or due to socialisation (i.e. nurture).  Entering this emotive and politically fraught … Read More