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The “anti-commons” in intellectual policy - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Aug 04, 2015

A common argument made with respect to intellectual property is that many countries innovation system provide excessively strong or numerous intellectual property rights that drown innovation in a “thicket” or “anti-commons” of overlapping legal rights. The majority view holds that anti-commons effects are a common occurrence that raises significant policy concerns about excessive intellectual property rights. A counter view to … Read More

Harford on inequality - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker May 06, 2015

At his blog Tim Harford has been writing on The truth about inequality. He says,How serious a problem is inequality? And if it is serious, what can be done about it?Myths abound. Many people seem to believe that Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century showed that wealth inequality is at an all-time high; instead, his data show … Read More

Real wage inequality - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker May 01, 2015

Inequality is the trendy topic of the moment. Wage inequality being part of the story. We hear about differences in wage between males and females, skilled and unskilled workers, different racial groups, age groups etc. One point to keep in mind when l... Read More