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The Economics of World War I - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jul 18, 2014

For the history buffs among you here is an interesting collection of papers on "The Economics of World War I". The collection is from VoxEU.org and it has been put together to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Over the coming gyear Vox will be publishing a series of articles on the … Read More

IdeaForge: the NEW engine of creation - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Jul 01, 2014

It’s possible some of you have noticed I’ve not been around much recently. For which I am sorry – I miss blogging about sciencely things on a regular basis :) However, life has been…busy. In addition to the whole ‘paying the mortgage with day job’ thing, I’ve been spending time trying to get various projects off the ground*. One of … Read More

Age and scientific genius - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Feb 11, 2014

Just to make those in "middle age" feel better, entrepreneurial creativity may peak at middle age rather than in early age. It is commonly argued that successful technology companies are founded by people in their 20s, but are people really more creative early on?A new NBER working paper by Benjamin Jones, E.J. Reedy, and Bruce Weinberg looks at the relationship … Read More