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Friday photo, links and video (16th July 2010) - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 16, 2010

The end-of-the-week round-up of those open tabs… But first the photo of the week, the rings of Saturn in the distance behind Lutetia photographed in Rosetta’s flyby of Lutetia. For more details see the Rosetta blog. (Source: The Planetary Society blog.) OK, now those links: Australian anti-vaccine group’s harassment of parents covered in ABC news. From PLoS … Read More

Genomics tidbits - Chicken or Egg

Hilary Miller Jul 14, 2010

Its been a little quiet round these parts over the past month, as the daily juggle between motherhood, work and blogging usually ends in me dropping the blogging ball.  I do have a couple of posts in the works, but in the meantime here’s a few tidbits from the past week in the genomics world [...] … Read More

Science bite: Longevity gene study has flaws? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 08, 2010

A quick heads’s up* that a recent genetic study on longevity may need further work. Last week Science published a paper reporting a genome-wide association study (GWAS) for genes for long life, which was widely covered in the media (e.g. in the Guardian). Almost immediately some scientists queried aspects of the work, as is … Read More

Boney lumps, linkage analysis and whole genome sequencing - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jul 06, 2010

We all have our lumps, the quirky features we develop with time. Some of these are bone spurs, extra growths of bone. These can be caused from damage to joints, like the lumpy joints seen in elderly people with arthritis. Bone spurs from differing causes can develop in many parts of the body, spine, … Read More

Meeting – Nature, nurture and you - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 18, 2010

A meeting covering the juncture of psychiatric and behavioural genetics, longitudinal, environmental, and intervention studies will be hosted by Genetics Otago and the Centre for Research on Children and Families in Dunedin (NZ) on July 19th. Below is a reduced – and hence slightly pixelated! – copy of the poster for the meeting. Original PDF copies of … Read More

Autism genetics, how do you copy? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 10, 2010

Subtitle: Recent research identifies many changes in copy number that may point to genes that cause or are associated with autism. In order to verify that important information has been conveyed over radio, the sender might ask ’how do you copy’ or, more briefly, ’how copy’ asking the receiver to tell the sender the information they … Read More

If some of us have Neanderthal genes, are Neanderthals us? - The Atavism

David Winter Jun 08, 2010

I got a little bit starry eyed writing about the Neanderthal genome the other day. I chose to retrace the arc of scientific progress that links the initial description of Neanderthal man as something different than modern humans to the point reached l... Read More

Martin Raff on what is autism - Code for life

Grant Jacobs May 31, 2010

The open-access scientific journal BMC Biology is currently hosting an interview with Martin Raff, presenting his responses to questions about autism. Prof. Raff gives the background in simple form well. A neurobiologist with an excellent scientific pedigree Professor Raff did not study autism during his research career, but became interested in it after he retired … Read More

I remember because my DNA was methylated - Code for life

Grant Jacobs May 29, 2010

Our memories keep our yesterdays, our friends’ faces, the distinctive smell of previous partners, if we’ve read that book before, what clothes you wore to the party. Movies and books have been written about memories. Or the trials not being able to keep them.2 Poets and lyricists evoke them, talk about them and reminiscence … Read More