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AGU: “Science’s Big Day Out” - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 24, 2015

by Sara McBride Imagine a conference where the attendees alone represent a city roughly the size of Timaru or Whanganui. Now imagine all those people are passionate about earth (and space) sciences wandering the streets of San Franscico, taking over the city one week a year. This conference is so large it has its own brand of beer. The … Read More

Four Revolutions in the Earth Sciences - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jan 28, 2015

James Lawrence Powell is a former geology professor, college president and museum director. He is currently the executive director of the US National Physical Science Consortium. He is also an excellent communicator of science for the general reader. I reviewed two of his climate change-related books back in 2011 here and here. His latest book, Four […] … Read More

Models, oil spills and moving the debate forward - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Oct 23, 2013

The Greenpeace-commissioned report looking at the estimated impact of a deep water oil well leak in New Zealand waters has received a lot of attention this morning and for good reason. In the whole argument over oil exploration and whether we should drill or not, there’s been little science-based public discussion of the impact of a spill. Sure, … Read More

Polite but Firm - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Feb 16, 2013

Since I started blogging, I’ve often thought about the best way to deal with those pushing pseudoscientific ideas. Sometimes when faced with particularly vicious and irrational attacks on science and scientists, there is the temptation to respond in kind. I don’t think this is the answer – science is all about discussing the evidence for different ideas (hypotheses) in order … Read More

Antarctic voyage: The geology team and coring - Field Work

Guest Author Feb 08, 2013

Dr Helen Bostock, marine geologist at NIWA, writes: Date: 7/2/2013 Position: 56.089685°S, 159.882531°E Weather: Cloudy, 30 knot winds Sea State: 2-3 m swell Introducing the geology/biology team! The team is made up of me (Helen Bostock), Mark Fenwick (token biologist/NIWA) and two students – Molly Patterson and Courtney Derriman. We have also seconded … Read More