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Return of the Climate Cluelessâ„¢: there’s none so blind… - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Apr 17, 2011

Sir Peter Gluckman, scientific adviser to NZ prime minister John Key, recently published a discussion paper entitled Towards better use of evidence in policy formation (pdf). It’s an interesting read for anyone who has ever noted the sometimes large discrepancy between political dogma and policy outcomes. Sciblogger Peter Griffin went so far as to describe [...] … Read More

Why Science Communication is Vital — Reflections on Professor Sir Peter Gluckman’s SCANZ speech - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Mar 07, 2011

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman’s presentation on the importance of science communication to the public’s understanding of science at the recent SCANZ (Science Communicators Association of New Zealand) conference raised some interesting points. A full transcript of this presentation can be found here. The following discussion covers some of the key points from this presentation which I found the most … Read More

Terry keeps his clips on - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jun 14, 2010

As predicted, New Zealand’s tame band of climate cranks have waxed all pompous and upset about Sir Peter Gluckman’s perceptive comments on climate change denial. But I was wrong about one thing. Instead of Barry Brill stepping up to the plate, it’s the grand dame of NZ denial, Terry Dunleavy, “honorary secretary and webmaster” and [...] … Read More

Gluckman: climate denial undermines all science - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jun 10, 2010

NZ PM John Key’s Chief Science Advisor, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, tackled denialism head on in a lecture at Victoria University of Wellington’s Institute of Policy Studies last night. Titled Integrity in Science: Implications from and for the Climate Change Debate [pdf of full text], it’s an interesting and worthwhile overview of the issue from [...] … Read More

[Open] Science Sunday — 6.12.09 - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Dec 06, 2009

These are some of the fun (and more serious) stuff I found around the magic world of the internet and Open Access. I give my favourite tweet this week to @MsBehaviour (again) for pointing her tweeps to the Manchester Manifesto. Her tweet links to a great post on the University of Manchester that summarises the issues [...] … Read More

The road to science funding (is full of speed bumps) - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Dec 01, 2009

At any given point in time there is a boundary between that which is known and that which is unknown and, precisely, the role of science is to grab pieces of that ignorance, study it, transform it into knowledge and, in doing so, broaden the human landscape.” Marcelino Cereijido [1] New Zealand science is facing a [...] … Read More

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