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The economics of the America’s Cup – did we lose or win? - The Dismal Science

Sam Richardson Mar 28, 2014

Six months ago Team New Zealand lost the America's Cup Oracle defended the America's Cup in an historic comeback. Since then, we've had a post-mortem of the event, and today we've heard from an independent report into the economic outcomes of the Government's investment into the unsuccessful Team New Zealand challenge off San Francisco. It's being regarded by the Minister for … Read More

Hosting major sporting events such as the America’s Cup – can we believe the hype? - The Dismal Science

Sam Richardson Sep 23, 2013

As a general rule, in the words of Public Enemy: don't believe the hype. Hosting a major sports event is a complex situation from an economic perspective – and there’s a lot of unknown that can quickly turn conservative estimates of impact into grossly overstated figures. Here are a few thoughts as they come to mind.Firstly, we have to recognise … Read More