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Short term reforms - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 09, 2012

Len Cook, President of the New Zealand Institute of Public Administration, recently criticised the New Zealand fetish for haphazard structural change in the public service. He noted that it undermines the need for continual learning and a culture of continuous improvement. It’s not that change may not be necessary, but that structural change should follow good analysis (as … Read More

Big Data Money Ball? - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Feb 28, 2012

An interesting article on predictive analysis appeared in the New York Times on 16 February. The main focus was on how the US retailer Target was using its information on customers to predict which of them were pregnant, and so send them information on pregnancy and baby-related products. Simultaneously impressive and scary. The article couldn’t find out how … Read More

Bigger Classes in Schools? Will they ever learn? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Feb 03, 2012

Yet again the topic of class size in schools is in the news. A report from Treasury is suggesting that schools increase class sizes as a cost cutting measure for the government. It is disturbing to see it reported that Finance Minister Bill English has made comments that there is “clear evidence” that class size doesn’t matter. As someone who taught … Read More

Visualising the New Zealand Budget 2011 with Treemaps - Seeing Data

Chris McDowall May 20, 2011

It is really difficult to grasp the significance of lots of big numbers. It is even trickier when the numbers are organised in a hierarchy. For example, yesterday afternoon Bill English, the Minister of Finance, delivered his third budget, outlining the nation’s revenues and expenses. The budget includes details such as how the government plans to spend $21 billion … Read More

Another R&D stimulation package leaves out the smaller players? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs May 12, 2010

Perhaps because they can’t whisper in the Prime Minister’s ear? I’m kidding. (It would be a worry if there were some truth in it.) More seriously, I would like to understand why. Don’t get me wrong. My initial impression is that it is a fine initiative for those it does serve. I’m … Read More