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When energy conservation doesn’t add up (or does it?) - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 23, 2014

In the last few weeks holes have been popping up all over Cambridge. They are being dug by 'ditch-witches'  - pieces of machinery designed for making small-diameter tunnels for cabling - as part of the installation of fibre-optic cables for the much vaunted ultra-fast broadband. A ditch-witch is about the ultimate in machinery-obsessed-toddler heaven. We've been avidly … Read More

How big is an atom? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 08, 2014

I started back at work on Monday thinking that it would be a nice, peaceful day, with no-one else around on campus. Surely, on a beautiful, sunny, 6th January, the entire of Hamilton except for myself would be on the beach at Raglan. Wow, was I mistaken. The campus was buzzing with activity and there was a constant stream … Read More

Gravity: I really wanted to be head over heels - Guest Work

Guest Work Oct 14, 2013

by Paul Behrens The new mega blockbuster is not shy of busting through a few laws of physics. The new, space-based action film Gravity was released in New Zealand last week to rave reviews. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney the film follows the trials of two astronauts after they are cast adrift in orbit when attempting … Read More

Gravity goes downwards - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Aug 06, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I was engaged in a spot of DIY - putting up some shelves. Even for me, as someone who takes to DIY like a duck to mountaineering, it's a fairly simple task, and I'm pleased to say that I got there without the 'do' in DIY turning into 'destroy'. With the help of my trusty stud-finder (Karen - … Read More

Turning moments - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Apr 16, 2013

 The last couple of weeks has seen a few changes in the house as Benji has finally mastered crawling. Being a rather LARGE baby, he's been the last of his coffee-group babies to become mobile, but now he's got it worked out he's away at high speed... Read More

Sandpile physics - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jun 22, 2011

Yesterday I had a look around the Tate Modern art gallery in London. As is the way with modern art, there was the expected mix of fabulous, bizarre and seriously-stretching-the-definition-of-art exhibits.One of the pieces on show at present is a pile of porcelain 'sunflower seeds', by the artist Ai Weiwei. This piece of artwork is probably best known for … Read More

Pendulum mayhem - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 22, 2010

One of the main intentions of our 2nd year Experimental Physics paper at the University of Waikato is to have students learn how to put together a physics experiment that measures something, and to measure that thing in a systematic and robust manner. What that means in practice is dealing with uncertainties.  Whereas the average person might want everything to … Read More

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